OASE Proficlear M3

The Proficlear M3 filter foam module ensures safe removal of toxic substances like ammonium/ammonia or nitrite.
  • The water to be filtered is channelled through the coarse and fine foams (1) where the filter bacteria, that is so important, has settled.
  • Connections on the housing enable simple entry of oxygen that is strictly required for the nitrification processes.
  • Cleaning is accomplished using the cleaning lever (2) which compresses the foams between the intermediate floors.
  • Polluted water leaves the system through a DN 50 discharge (3) that is opened with the slide valve.
  • The cleaning nozzle ensures that all the debris leaves the module.
PROFICLEAR M3– Filter Foam Module
Dimensions (LxWxH)800 x 600 x 800
Filter foam volumes70 litres
Number of filter foams6
Inlet Ø1xDN 100/DN 150 + 2 x 50 mm
Outlet Ø1x DN 100/DN 150
Max. flow rate12,500 l/h (3,500 g/h)
Pollutant dischargeDN 50
Manufactured from Duraplast. 

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