Pond Lake Skimmers

Leaves, pollen and dust particles deposited on the water surface by wind are a risk to the biological equilibrium in any artificial, ornamental pond or lake. OASE pond skimmers powerfully and effectively remove unsightly floating leaves, food remnants and dirt particles from the pond surface; thereby improving below water viewing and benefiting the pond or lake eco-system.

OASE Skimmer 250LM

Profiskim 250 LM is a high-performance floating skimmer that keeps up to 250 m2 of surface water clean. The floating skimmer is particularly well suited for bodies of water with significant water level fluctuation, and it can be flexibly implemented where pollutants accumulate.
The system takes up pollutants via a skimmer flap that is 52 cm in width. Pollutants are gathered into an easy-to-remove collection basket for convenient disposal. The integrated, energy-efficient circulation pump ensures powerful skimming and generates ideal water flow thanks to focused water return.
Image showing oase swimskin cws
Image showing oase surface skimmers

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