A.G.A. Eco-Islands

A.G.A. Eco-Islands work on a number of levels and provide important ecological benefits for lakes, reservoirs, canals and ponds. They encourage a balanced ecology both above and below the water line; they also reduce the need for restocking and improve natural population expansion through providing valuable spawning habitat, thus reducing the risk of disease often associated with re-stocking.

A.G.A. Eco-Islands also help to reduce bank erosion in a number of ways and can be immediately effective; they give protection to vulnerable stands of emergent and marginal plants on lakes where the wash from sports and wave action may cause damage. They also provide sanctuary for many aquatic creatures and can function as markers or separation barriers for different activities.

A.G.A. Eco-Island framework is constructed of UV resistant PVC with a galvanised steel grid for the base support. Buoyancy is provided by the watertight tubes with specially weld-sealed ends. The surface of the islands can be covered with a mix of pre-vegetated coir pallets or other appropriate substrate placed upon them. 

Round Island - 3m Diameter


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