Ultrasonic Algal Control

A.G.A. Group offers 2 ranges of Ultrasonic devices; A.G.A. Cell Busters I and II, for smaller bodies of water, and the SonicSolutions range for large bodies of water up to 120 acres.

A.G.A. Cell Busters are small lightweight units that are designed to be suspended in small to medium-sized water bodies, even the smaller of the two has an effective sphere of influence up to 150m in a 178-degree arc.  With either a single (Cell Buster I) or two (Cell Buster II) transducers these units, with their 2,000 frequencies, are effective at removing the algae from a waterbody.

With over 17 years of experience matching ultrasound technology products with customers, SonicSolutions Algae Control has seen great success in the reduction of over 95% of varying algae and up to 99% of diatoms in water across the globe.  This reduction prevents new growth and is an effective non-chemical option to promote a more sustainable and healthier environment.

  • Ultrasound was introduced for algae control in the late 1990s
  • Is used in various pond and reservoir applications in over 100 countries
  • Works in harmony with other aquatic wildlife and plants
  • Can now effectively treat 120 acres of blue-green algae with a single unit
  • Works effectively with other algae control methods such as aeration and bacteria

Sonic Solutions offers 2 types of unit; the Mezzo DB a bi-directional unit that can treat 150 to 400 meters in a straight line, and the multi-directional Quattro DB that can control algae of an area of up to 120 meters and diatoms across the 17 acres, making them suitable for the largest water bodies, especially when multiple units are used.

Whilst the Cell Buster units are designed to be connected to an external power source, the Sonic Solutions units can also be powered by their own solar power units, reducing the running costs, of what is already a cheap to run solution, even further, with the Quattro DB even having an option to be suspended from its own floating solar power supply on a floating pontoon.

Cell Buster I ultrasonic algae control unit
SonicSolutions Mezzo