The National Football Centre

  • Client:

    National Football Centre. St. George’s Park

  • Project:

    Soft & Hard Landscaping

  • Location:

    Burton upon Trent



AGA was tasked with Soft Landscaping & Hard Landscaping the gigantic entranceway to the National Football Centre. Creating an environment that suited the landscape and created an environment for generations of sportsmen and women to enjoy.

soft landscaping & Hard Landscaping At The National Football Centre

The parameters were established, excavated, drained and profiled according to specification. The structure was lined through with AGA Claymat. Claymat is a reinforced GCL consisting of a layer of natural sodium bentonite between a
woven and non-woven geotextiles, needle punched together to provide a securely sealed water containment structure. Our Soft Landscaping Division Installed Inlet piles through the liner and plugged prior to filling the lake. AGA Group’s soft landscaping division was appointed as the contractor to construct the lake and aquatic flora feature located at the front of the NFC hotel complex. The objectives within the location were to deliver an aesthetic outlook, provide habit and collect surface runoff.

Trees in new cemetery area

The Work

Our soft landscaping division worked with the project engineers to create a lake designed to be self-sustaining, thus mitigating any major future maintenance requirement. We formulated a planting regime and provided plants pre-grown in coir modules from our specialist aquatic nurseries in Merton.
Principal Products and Materials Supplier AGA GCL Claymat AGA Group
Pre-vegetated coir fibre rolls AGA Group Pre-established coir-fibre Pallets AGA Group AGA LG Sonic XXL algae control unit AGA. Group 6 Species of Aquatic plants AGA Group Glyceria fluitans – Butomus umbellatus – Typha latafolia Phragmites australis – Carex riparia – Iris pseudacorus Groundwork and Installation
A. Design proposals.
B. Grade and profile lake and beach area.
C. Drain excavation prior to lining.
D. Construct and install geosynthetic clay liner (GCL).
E. Install beach area GCL Liner
F. Install vegetated coir rolls to specification.
G. Install and place vegetated coir pallets.
H. Facilitate natural filling and topping up.
I. Reinstate site.
J. Install and commission LG Sonic algae control system.

The lake has a maximum depth 1200mm with 300mm deep margins of varying width up to 5m. These berms are to accommodate marginal planting with our pre-vegetated 300mm diameter coir roll and pre-vegetated 1m x 1m coir
pallets established with native aquatic plants.

To prestige locations such as the NFC, appearance is everything. To maintain clear water within the lake, A.G.A. supplied and installed the high technology LG ultrasonic algae control system, which safely transmits a complex pattern of
ultrasonic vibrations through the water that cause the cell vacuole to rupture killing only the algae.

The lake was in full glory well before the opening by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Pre-grown coir pallets were positioned and anchored to create the natural development of an aquatic vegetation habitat in the lake margins. Plant species were provided at the rate of 18 per 1m2 and were firmly rooted into the coir pallet before delivery. Pre-grown coir units ensure the rapid, healthy establishment of lakeside vegetation.

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