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AGA Gabions

Our gabions and mattresses come in sizes and finish to suit any application. They are a totally reliable product for use in high velocity and turbulent rivers, revetments, drainage channels and tidal waters.

AGA Gabions form a flexible monolithic structure and can maintain total structural effectiveness even on land liable to differential settlement.

Whether stacked, bonded or installed individually, once filled with selected material they form a monolithic retaining wall to stabilise earth and control erosion. They are a totally reliable product for use in high velocity and turbulent rivers, revetments, drainage channels and tidal waters.

The use of natural stone at the face of gabions will result in an attractive appearance, moreover above or below the waterline they provide excellent habitat for a host of different species. The selection of the appropriate fill material can help structures to blend in with their natural surroundings.

AGA Gabions are proven and well-established tools for the construction of:

  • River walls
  • Waterways
  • Canals
  • Reservoirs
  • Revetments
  • Drainage channels
  • Flood protection
  • Coastal defences
  • Retaining walls and many other applications.

AGA Rock Rolls

AGA Rock Rolls can be an excellent option or component of bank revetments. Whilst developed by AGA primarily to be used alongside coir rolls as they act as a sub-surface flexible but permanent gabion, they also provide excellent erosion control. In turbulent and fast flows AGA Rock Rolls are used to provide a solid foundation on top of which pre-established coir rolls can be installed. The roots of the aquatic plants can then quickly grow and establish into the voids of the rock rolls giving long term erosion control, bank support and habitat enhancement.

AGA Rock Rolls can be used on their own to very good effect, given the right condition; which will be specific to each individual site; it may be possible to vegetate AGA Rock Roll with aquatic plants.

Netting: Synthetic high tenacity polypropylene, mesh size 45-50mm nominal diamond Knotless multi-strand yarn of 5mm diameter
We also provide methodologies and products for larger scale erosion projects where a ‘harder’ solution is required. An example is a rock-filled gabion to protect the area around a mooring in a large freshwater lake to facilitate safe embarkation and disembarkation by disabled sailors.

Where bank erosion is greater than just toe erosion or an eroded bank requires to be re-built by replacing substrate this is achieved by using AGA Cell Retention Methodology.

    AGA Piling

    AGA understand the environment and so we always ensure that we recommend to our clients’ solutions that are sympathetic as well as being in keeping with engineering protocols.

    We install piling that will ensure maximum strength and stability with durability. Our structures are designed to withstand the harshest of conditions whilst installation is carried out with minimum impact on the environment.

    • Steel Sheet Piles
    • Preformed Concrete Piles
    • Timber Piles
    • Synthetic Piles
    • Weirs and Spillways
    • Fish Passes
    • Non-Deep Coffer Dams

    AGA Angling Platforms

    AGA angling platforms are a great range of products of which we are rightly proud. AGA Group designs and install angling platforms which can be constructed from a variety of materials depending on the preference of the client.

    These platforms provide predetermined areas where anglers can fish, thus reducing both bankside erosion and the potential damage that anglers can cause to marginal vegetation. The angling platforms constructed by A.G.A. Group can take many forms depending on the design specifications of the site.

    All angling stations designed and constructed by AGA Group are done with safety in mind, and where the stations are positioned, is an extension of this. In general, angling platforms or stations are positioned approximately fifteen meters apart, although exact positioning will be dictated by bank characteristics. AGA Group also designs and install angling stations specifically with the disabled angler in mind, to enable everyone to have access to this recreational activity.

    For more information on AGA angling platform construction and other services, please download our brochure below, or why not call one of our advisors.

    AGA Hazel, Chestnut, Willow (live) Faggots

    Hazel, chestnut, willow (live) faggots and other wooden materials are widely used in conjunction with many other materials to facilitate bioengineered solutions to environmentally sensitive projects. Once placed into the situation, faggots have a very long life, and thus become an integral part of many designs particularly where coir rolls and pallets are specified.

    Faggots can provide support for coir rolls and pallets to ensure that they sit at the correct water level, they will also offer additional erosion protection to the bank, particularly to the often vulnerable ‘toe’. Faggots provide a very important erosion control technique to manage to scour below the water level where coir rolls used on their own would not address the problem. Live faggots made from willow are used to provide a living and very sustainable option, as well as providing long-term erosion control they also improve biodiversity by increasing habitat.

    AGA Group also supplies willow material in loose bundles to be used for making and installing willow mattresses and spiling. We are pleased to give details on any of our hazel, chestnut, willow (live) faggots or other wood-based materials at any time.

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