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Leaders in aquatic engineering and fluvial environment management. Our unique approach takes the entire ecology of every habitat into account. From engineering a full aquatic environment to reed bed management and fisheries management AGA consists of several divisions, each tailored to different forms of aquatic engineering and mangagment.

Aquatic Engineering & Construction Services

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Aquatic Engineering

Building new aquatic environments & maintaining existing lakes, ponds, rivers & wetlands.

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Soft & Hard Landscaping

Permanent hard structure creation and also soft structure creation such as wooden walkways.
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Environmental Consultancy

Full ecology surveys conducted by a team of professional wildlife ecologists.
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Lake & Pond Management

Provision and installation of the latest products and materials to maintain aquatic environments.

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Our Approach

Being leaders in aquatic & fluvial engineering, the Group’s integrated approach to the management of the aquatic environment takes into account the interaction of the entire systems ecology. No part of an aquatic ecosystem should be viewed in isolation and the holistic approach adopted by A.G.A. Group facilitates a management style that considers all aspects of the environment. An integrated approach can lead to an improved natural balance, the enhancement of biodiversity and an increased productivity of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Our multi-disciplined team offer complete aquatic engineering services to those responsible for the management of the aquatic environment and wetland systems. A.G.A. Group operates a policy of ‘best practice’ and as such is quality assured to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.

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We’ve Been Managing Aquatic Environments For Over 40 Years

AGA are a group of environmental aquatic engineers, ecology consultants and habitat and ecology designers who have been working on public and private projects within aquatic environments since 1977.AGA was among the first to develop systems for erosion control, lake & pond construction,  and environmental and habitat enhancement.

Our years of experience working with both large scale habitat management projects and smaller-scale pond creation and lake management projects been AGA span the gambit from aquatic engineering to ecology consultancy. We have earned our space as the leading experts in aquatic engineering and fluvial management.

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AGA Group Services

Aquatic Engineering & Fluvial Management

AGA undertake all aspects of the construction, rejuvenation and protection of lakes, dams, waterways and wetland ecosystems. With over 30+ years of aquatic engineering, AGA has decades of experience in groundwork and civil engineering means AGA has the knowledge and resources to offer a cost-effective high-quality service regardless of project size or time scale. Aquatic Engineering is our AGA’s real speciality.

Ecology Surveys & Environmental Consultancy

AGA’s team of dedicated consultants are experts in the fields of Ecology, both aquatic and terrestrial, Land Management, Lake and Pond Management and Arboriculture Conservation and Forrest Management. AGA have the expertise and knowledge within our teams and through existing relationships to complete any form of wildlife consultation to the highest standards.

Soft & Hard Landscaping Services

AGA take pride in our consultative and collaborative approach to both soft and hard landscaping. Our experience has enabled us to develop strong relationships with our clients no matter the project size or complexity. With every project, we work with our clients to deliver a landscaping solution that meets your aspirations and doesn’t exceed your project’s budget.

Lake River Pond & Fisheries Management

AGA offer expert services covering all aspects of fishery management, vegetation and terrestrial ecology management and other environmental aspects. Algae Control, Ultrasonic Algae Control, Angling Stations, Biosecurity, Floating Fish Refuges, Floating Islands, Predator Refuge Cages, Liming, Aquatic Weed Control, Reed-beds and more.

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Client Testimonials

Dynamic Problem Solving Experts


“As a Project Manager responsible for a variety of projects, I would have no hesitation in recommending A.G.A. to other clients, as their knowledge, professionalism and expertise will add value to any project.

This project suffered from the impact of Covid-19. A.G.A. acted swiftly to adapt their working procedures and practices to meet government guidelines. They were able to deliver the works during difficult times, and still managed to complete the project in time for the reopening of the Town Centre.”

Peter De-Bique BSc (Hons) MCIOB
Interim Building Surveyor (Projects)
Watford Borough Council


Standing The Test Of Time


“As you are probably aware, there has been extensive flooding in Thetford over the Xmas period.
Thought you might like to know the riverbank you installed for us just over 5 years ago has “more than done the job.”

Despite all three sluice gates opposite to us being fully open, the river went over the opposite river bank 2 days ago and as I write is still doing so. The height of the river bank AGA installed was perfect; at one point, the water pouring into the meadow opposite was at least 6 inches above the riverbank on that side. However, the top of our river bank was still 8 inches above the water level. The gardens of houses at either end of the close have flooded – our garden was not affected. We are very grateful to you and your company.”

Simon and Celia Eley

Reliable Professionals

“Blofield Parish Council believes AGA to be efficient, reliable, prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. They are a pleasure to work with. The works undertaken by AGA for the Parish Council was done to a high standard and ahead of schedule. We know now that if we ever need their services again then they will be reliable.”

Mrs Melanie Eversfield
Assistant Clerk Blofield Parish Council,

Absolutely Thrilled With The Finish Of The Work


I just wanted to touch base with you since the works are now complete and contractors are now off site. From the Cemeteries Service perspective, we are absolutely thrilled with the finish of the work undertaken by the team. The finishing touches and ‘making good’ of the site have been completed to a very high standard and we are thoroughly pleased.

To see grass seed in the soil that has been laid over tyre tracks and the complete clear up has been very well received by the Cemeteries staff, as well as the visitors to the cemetery.

This time of year is incredibly important for mourners and families that visit the cemetery, to pay their respects at this very family orientated time of year. Our grounds keeping teams are aware of this and always ensure that our grounds are looking their best but to see that your contractors have also taken into account every last detail of making the site look untouched, we are very appreciative.

Our staff noted how friendly and polite the staff were at all times, our contracted grave digger is especially grateful at the small ramp they have installed to his equipment container, after watching him struggle with a mini digger on more than one occasion, he has asked me to pass on his sincere gratitude.

Also, the communication with the office staff regarding burials that were taking place in the cemetery, always very polite and helpful. Please pass on our sincere thanks.

Esme McCambridge
Cemeteries Service Manager
Braintree District Council


Professional and Efficient

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for carrying out this project in such a professional and efficient way and I personally can’t wait to get down there to see it in the “flesh” as I understand it looks fantastic.

James Healy

Professional and Efficient

AGA were brilliant at problem-solving!

 Kelly Baker
Campus Grounds Manager
University of Warwick


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