WELCOME TO THE A.G.A. GROUP Leaders in aquatic and fluvial engineering


Leaders in aquatic and fluvial engineering

Aquatic Engineering Services

Our Group undertakes all aspects of the construction, rejuvenation and protection of lakes, dams, waterways and wetland systems.

Decades of experience in groundwork and civil engineering on the wider scale enables us to utilise our extensive resources to offer a cost effective service in all phases of aquatic engineering


Products & Materials

We offer expert services covering all aspects of fishery management and essential environmental aspects including:-

Aeration, Traditional Algae Control, Ultrasonic Algae Control, Angling Stations, Biosecurity, Floating Fish Refuges, Floating Islands, Predator Refuge Cages, Liming, Aquatic Weed Control, Reed-beds, Wetland Ecosystem Protection, Tree Root Protection and Turf Reinforcement Matting.


Aquatic & Fisheries Management

We supply and stock a comprehensive range of impermeable and permeable geosynthetic fabrics for in-house projects and for wholesale to contractors, landscapers and others.

We also supply a range of pre-vegetated coir products for AGA projects. Our specialist aquatic nursery grows the species to meet client’s needs.


We believe that clear and easy access to our published material is essential for clients' decision making. This user friendly menu directs you to all our documentation which may be relevant to your enquiry.

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The A.G.A. Group of consultants, designers and engineers have been working on public and private projects within aquatic environs since 1977. We were among the first to develop AGA systems for erosion control, lake & pond construction and, environmental and habitat enhancement.

The A.G.A. Group is the parent organisation under which a number of specialist divisions operate

  • A.G.A. Civil Engineering Systems
  • A.G.A. Ecology & Land Management Consultants
  • A.G.A. Aquatic Consultancy
  • A.G.A. Natural Swim Ponds
  • Merton Hall Ponds Aquatic Plant Nurseries


The Group’s integrated approach to the management of the aquatic environment takes into account the interaction of the entire systems ecology. No part of an aquatic ecosystem should be viewed in isolation and the holistic approach adopted by the A.G.A. Group facilitates a management style that considers all aspects of the environment. An integrated approach can lead to an improved natural balance, the enhancement of biodiversity and an increased productivity of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Our multi-disciplined team offer complete aquatic services to those responsible for the management of the aquatic environment and wetland systems. The A.G.A Group operate a policy of ‘best practice’ and as such is quality assured to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 standards.